WSIA Claims/Workers Safety Insurance Appeal Tribunal (WSIA)

Managing a claim from the beginning is imperative to reducing the cost of a work-related injury. We know how to manage WSIB claims in order to minimize loss-time, and can implement a Return To Work Programs that can significantly reduce an employer’s costs. Having an effective Return To Work Program can result in a more productive workforce and also reduce employer premiums.
If there is a dispute that arises with a claim, we represent clients at the Workers Compensation Insurance Appeal Tribunal (WSIAT) and can effectively advocate on your behalf.

Human Rights Complaints and Workplace Investigations Human Rights is a complex area that can be difficult to navigate. While some human rights issues may present themselves clearly, others may not be evident until a claim is filed. We handle human rights investigations and complaints, and advocate on behalf of our clients. Our aim is always to work with clients to implement policies and practices compliant with human rights legislation in order to avoid costly litigation.

Has an employee complained of harassment or discrimination in the workplace? If so, it is important to understand your obligations from the time a complaint is filed and avoid potential liability. Should a workplace harassment claim arise within your workforce, you are required by law to perform an investigation. If an investigation is not conducted properly, this may result in the employee filing a complaint filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). We conduct unbiased workplace investigations to mitigate employer liability. If the complaint has already been escalated to the HRTO, we will effectively advocate on the employer’s behalf.